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Billund, Denmark Rotary Club - Governor's Letter

Billund, Denmark Rotary Governor's Letter following our Zoom call with them (since our in-person visit was cancelled due to bad weather). Here is our best effort at translation:


On Tuesday 7 May, a very nice event was held in Billund Airport, organized by Vejle Fjord Rotary Club, assisted by Billund Rotary Club. There were almost 160 participants from both district 1461 and district 1450. It's all about: Flight To End Polio.

Two American Rotarians have decided to fly around the world in a single engine 1977 Cessna T210M airplane. The entire trip is sponsored and events are then held where they have planned to land and the profits from these events go directly to End Polio Now. Really nice plan for the long flight and with many stops along the way - Obviously.

The two pilots are in the "Fellowship of Flying Rotarians". They are: John Ockenfels and Peter Teahen.

Unfortunately, the two Rotarians did not make it to the evening in Billund when they were been delayed by weather - ice on the wings in Canada. But we got their presentation via ZOOM. Our own End Polio Now group also had a stall and sold "vaccines" for over DKK 8,000 (greater than $1,160.) which also goes to the project. Great!

A thank you for a very nice event goes to the two clubs.


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