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Has polio affected your family?

Thanks to the vaccine, polio has been eliminated in the U.S. for over 30 years. But the debilitating effects of polio still impact so many individuals and families. Will you share with us how polio has affected your life? Please email us at with your story. You may provide us with your story anonymously or feel free to include names, photos and contact information. This information will only be shared with the pilots, John and Peter.

Click here to read Lisa's personal story. Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa.

Bill Bywater of the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club tells us his memory of the impact of polio on the community of Iowa City, Iowa during the 1940s - click the play button to listen. Thanks for this information, Bill.

In the video below, Robert and AnnMarie Ketron share their story and discuss how Robert's brother's polio diagnosis impacted their family. Thank you for this, Robert and AnnMarie!

Thank you to Dr. Sandeep Munjal, Orthopedic Surgeon from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Here, Dr. Munjal shares his story of visiting a polio camp in India in the 1970's while he was in medical school. The impact of that visit inspired Dr. Munjal to enter the field of orthopedics.


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