Please consider a contribution to help end polio forever. We can't do it without you. Donation levels for our flight are:

  • Wingman:  
    $5,000 or greater


  • Commander:  $750 - $4,999

  • Captain:  $300 - $749

  • Co-Pilot:  $25 - $299

Click here to visit our donation page and remember, for each dollar you contribute, the Gates Foundation will match your donation 2:1. 


The primary focus of this flight is to bring awareness to the suffering caused by the highly infectious polio virus and to raise funds to help eradicate polio around the world. We are grateful for the efforts and leadership provided by the Rotary Foundation and the 2:1 match by The Bill Gates Foundation.

We ask you to donate NOW to the Rotary Foundation and help us end polio.  Your donation, regardless of size, can make all the difference in the world. With the generous pledge by The Bill Gates Foundation your donation will be increased $2.00 for every $1.00 you donate.

When flying over water, we will take the safety precautions of wearing immersion suits and packing a four man raft with emergency supplies, satellite phones and personal tracking devices.

We are mindful that this trip is something experienced by very few in the history of flight.  This will not be an easy mission. We are dependent on only one engine for the duration of the trip over some of the most rugged terrain in the world. Some of the longest flight legs are ten hours long! One of the longest legs is entirely over the North Atlantic - St. John, Newfoundland to Santa Maria Azores, Portugal.

We invite you to follow our flight live (with a five minute delay) on our website and watch our flight videos that we will post throughout the flight.

All of our flight plans are subject to the function of the plane, weather, and political unrest.
We will have handlers to help us throughout our flight - people to meet us at airports, help us procure fuel, and assist in translation. At each stop, we plan to meet with other Rotarians as well as locals to spread the word about ending polio forever.

We will do everything we can to spread the message about 
eradicating polio. Please join us
in our flight by donating NOW to the Rotary Foundation.  Show your support and join the Flight to End Polio.

Check back for updates on our flight before departure and during the flight! 



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Thanks to the vaccine, polio has been eliminated in the U.S. for over 30 years. But the debilitating effects of polio still impact so many individuals and families.

Will you share with us how polio has affected your life? Please email us at with your story. We will be compiling these stories to bring along on our flight as a reminder of why we are taking on this endeavor. Until polio is gone forever, a resurgence is only one flight away.

You may provide us with your story anonymously or feel free to include names, photos and contact information. This information will only be shared with the pilots, John and Peter.

Click here to read Lisa's personal story. Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa.

Bill Bywater of the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club tells us his memory of the impact of polio on the community of Iowa City, Iowa during the 1940s - click the play button to listen. Thanks for this information, Bill.

In the video below, Robert and AnnMarie Ketron share their story and discuss how Robert's brother's polio diagnosis impacted their family. Thank you for this, Robert and AnnMarie!

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Don't see your name listed? Please email us at

Ending Polio is Only a Flight Away!

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