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Flight Plan Update - July 25, 2023

Flight Plan Update:

Flight To End Polio will be leaving Maui Tuesday, July 25 at 3am (Hawaii Standard Time) and flying to Oakland, California. This will be a 14 or 15 hour flight. The pilots said that the winds are looking good and a mechanic has checked over the plane - all is well.

They will arrive in Oakland on Tuesday, July 25 around 6pm PDT.

They will leave Oakland on Wednesday, July 26 and fly to Temecula, California with an expected arrival time of 11am PDT.

The Rotary Club of Temecula event is from 6-8pm July 26.

Then they will decide if they fly to Colorado on Thursday or Friday. And then the big homecoming event happens Sunday morning, July 30 in Cedar Rapids! Breakfast 7-11am, Landing expected around 9am.

As for this Maui to Oakland flight, the pilots again expect that radio frequencies won’t be good over the Pacific - tracking them on (or similar) may be difficult until they get closer to land.


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