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Notes from our time in Iceland and Scotland:

From John:

We finally caught a break in the weather and headed to Reykjavik, Iceland from Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. The night before we headed out, we were encouraged to try out one of the local hot water spas that Iceland is noted for. We decided to give it try and it turned out to be a truly unique experience at Sky Lagoon. We entered the pool which was bigger than any local swimming pool I have ever seen. The entire thing was built into a black stone back drop and as I walked into the hot water, looking out over a the expanse of the bay, I really felt that this pool went on for miles (it was an optical illusion using a water wall). This was also the day that we were subjected to numerous "freezing rain" storms that dumped rain and ice pellets. Then the sun would come back out and melt everything again. It was very strange to be standing in hot water while I was getting hit with ice.

Photo: John Ockenfels sharing Flight To End Polio information with a couple from Denver, Colorado he met at the spa in Iceland

The next morning we made the jump from Iceland to Wick, Scotland. We followed the flight plan that was developed for us by the great team at ARINC and enjoyed a great trip. When we arrived in Wick, we enjoyed meals with several members of the Rotary Club that we were supposed to have done a program with the week before. One of the members, Murry Lamont, is the owner of one of most famous hotels in the area which has been in his family for many generations: Mackays Hotel.


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